Thursday, March 15, 2012

cooper town

(this blog comes out of special request from cooper.  he wanted to show off his latest project to his friends & family.)
coop loves building.  the bigger the better.  so, we decided to make our own city by recreating his favorite buildings.  coop picked out the paint & the wood, & painted & named the buildings.  i drew on the details.  perfect team work.  he couldn't be happier.

10 points if you can identify any of the buildings.  featured here we have the twin towers, willis tower, eiffel tower, empire state building, london wharf tower, & the patronas towers.

ps-cooper came up with a plan to trap a leprechaun. we will wait until it stops raining & a rainbow comes out.  then he is going to get a very tall pole & hang a very long rope over the pole.  then he will tie a bucket to one end of the rope.  then when the leprechaun comes he is going to cut the rope with a very sharp sword so that the bucket will fall down & trap the leprechaun.  then coop can have all the leprechaun's gold.  sound pretty fool proof to me.

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