Friday, February 10, 2012


having 3 (almost 4) men in my life is amazing.  i love the special relationships i've built with each one.  they are all so unique.  i try to have special alone time with each of them. i'm not sure how i'll manage all these dates when i have 4 men pulling for my attention.  especially, when it comes to t.j. & the new dude.

todd & i have started putting the kids to bed earlier (by nine) so we can have some time together before we hit the sack.  & we go out for dinner whenever our sitters (grandma & papa) are around.

cooper & i have dates every tuesday.  i pick him up from preschool & the rest of the afternoon is his day.  he gets to pick where we go & what we do (within reason).  we usually end up going to the dollar store, carl's jr., & the park. then we head home for mario kart & looney tunes.  yea, he's relatively easy to please.

tj & i have quality time when cooper is at school.  i try to spend this time focusing on tj & doing what makes him happy.  we listen to music & dance, read books, play basketball, eat lots of treats, go for walks (since he insists on walking we don't make it far.  usually to the mailbox); i just follow his lead & do what he wants to do.

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