Sunday, January 8, 2012


this has been a week of seemingly small but rather astounding accomplishes in my world.

1.  t.j. is talking up a storm.  he added 3 words to his vocab just this week.  he now says mommy, cookie, & doggie.  he takes after his brother (or bruh-bruh as t.j. likes to refer coop).
2.  cooper is taking up spanish.  since monday he has learned to count to 10, say hello, goodbye, yes & no.  we are so proud.  (does anyone know of a good language learning program for kids?)
3.  i grilled for the 1st time.  nothing major.  just tri-tip.  but even coop was proud.  he said, "wow, mommy!  i didn't even know you could do that!  when did daddy teach you?"
4.  i sewed all by myself.  i took a sewing class & loved it.  i was a bit overwhelmed but excited nonetheless.  the next morning i sewed an adorable red & white striped paci clip for t.j.
5.  i gave my 1st relief society lesson.  and walked away feeling pretty good.  the only problem is now i've been called to speak in sacrament.  oh.  geez.

all-in-all, we are feeling pretty good.  i love learning new skills & seeing my boys pick up new things as well.  there is still so much for us to conquer!

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  1. Say "hell" or hello? ;) that's amazing either way!