Tuesday, December 27, 2011


let me start by saying that i love Christmas.  truly, it is my favorite non-summertime event of the year.  in fact, if we could celebrate Christmas in August i think my life would be complete.  this was an especially memorable holiday for our family because 1.  coop is at the age were he is really into Christmas.  he loved every bit of the holiday & relished in the joy.  2.  this is tj's 1st real Christmas since last year he was condemned to the hospital during the holiday.  since Christmas is the most awesome day of the year i try to pack in our holiday schedule to avoid missing any of the festivities.  and i'm a bit sentimental so i love traditions.  what better time to have traditions than over the holidays!?

for years we've been:  viewing the best Christmas lights (our favorites thus far are woodland terrace in san ramon, christmas tree lane in alameda, & holiday lane in yuba city), visiting santa, receiving email videos from santa, baking, lots & lots of baking, puttig out cookies for santa, visiting the snowland at del oso, making ornaments, counting down to the big day with advent calendars, & (my personal favorite) going to san francisco to see the macy's tree & the store fronts & riding the cable cars (ideally, we would ice skate, too, but with all these youngins that just isn't possible, yet).

(you see that picture on the bottom left...that's coop sleeping in his box-fort.  todd got a shed for Christmas & it came in this gigantic box.  so naturally it would become a house for cooper.  he slept in it for 6 nights straight.)

this year we decided to:  make a birthday cake for Jesus & sing him happy birthday (i wanted to bring more focus on the Savior into our holiday celebrations.  thanks kara for the fab idea.), celebrate st. nick's day the traditional way with oranges & chocolate (i have a strong swiss heritage & this is a way to incorporate that in our holidays.), write letters to santa, make gingerbread houses, going to the zoo on Christmas eve, & reenact the nativity on Christmas eve with cousins.

i love the holidays & finding new ways to celebrate the season.  what traditions do you do?

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