Sunday, December 4, 2011


beeep, beep, beep.  t.j. had a robot party!  he had the time of his baby life at his first birthday party.  t.j. was just glad to have treats, his favorite people, & new toys.  it is so easy to please a one year old.  (please excuse the overload of photos.  it's not every day that your baby turns one & you actually have a camera worth taking photos with & an editing program worth using.)

the setup

the food

the to do's

the star of the show

the goody bags


  1. HOly toledo (what ever that means)!!!! You should "pin" all of this! What a blessed little boy to get such an awesome birthday party!
    xoxo, Anna N

  2. I love the robot photo cutout, with the holes for the kids faces! How did you do that? Do you have a tutorial or advice you could share?