Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my job.

let me start by saying that i love my job.  it's the best in the world.  and i'm constantly striving to do be better at what i do.  i mean, hello, i have been trusted with the lives of 2 (almost 3) extraordinary beings.  what is more important than that?!  so i wanted some feedback on my performance at my job.  i decided to get an evaluation from 1 of 3 my bosses (cooper).  we discussed what i do well as a mommy & what i should do better.  here is an overview of our conversation:

things i do well as a mommy:
1.  play with him
2.  teach him how to cook
3.  do crafts with him
4.  play games with him
5.  take him to the park & fun places
6.  snuggle him
7.  tell him good job when he is doing good things

things i need to work on as a mommy:
1.  letting him play mario kart more
2.  taking him to texas roadhouse more
3.  helping him dig for gold more

well.  alright.  i'd have to say that in the eyes of my 4 year old i'm doing a pretty swell job.  i asked coop what kind of a grade he would give me as a mommy & he said, "14, 899, 721, 331, 489."  i don't know exactly what that means but it sure sounds good.

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  1. This is adorable!!!! I think those numbers mean lots of good things :) And congrats on numero tres!!!!!!!!!! I hope it is a beautiful little girl (or another super handsome boy)!
    xoxo, Ann