Wednesday, December 28, 2011


merry Christmas, everyone!  we hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday.  our Christmas was perfect.  the boys were in heaven opening their presents & we enjoyed the rest of the day spending family quality time playing with those same gifts & munching on tasty food.  just the way i love to spend the holiday.

Christmas eve:  too excited to sleep

Christmas morning:  presents & playing

Christmas afternoon:  church & dinner

our holiday highlights:
1.  t.j. said "wow" every time he opened a gift
2.  coop woke up at 8:20 & right away opened his stocking & santa gift.  afterwards he said, "i shouldn't have woken up so early.  i'm still so tired."  i love that this boy sleeps in.
3.  watching rio.  coop & tj both boogy through the entire introduction.  it is awesome.
4.  my favorite gift:  a giant box of king sized hershey's with almonds.  yea, it truly is the thought that counts.  and my dad is by far the most thoughtful man i know. 
5. we had a few Christmas miracles...t.j. drank cold milk without a complaint, i curled my hair & it actually held all day (thanks mom for the new curling wand), & i successfully cooked a delicious breakfast & dinner for our first Christmas alone (we enjoyed bagel sandwiches & fruit salad for breakfast & prime rib, roasted potatoes, spinach salad & rolls for dinner).  

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