Thursday, November 24, 2011

muchos gracias.

it's been quite a while since i've posted a favorite things list.  and with the approach of the holiday season my mind has been heavy with gratitude.  my life isn't perfect.  no one's is.  but i wouldn't trade my ups & downs, strifes & celebrations, trials & tribulations for anyone's.  the Lord knew what he was doing when he gave me this life.  so here are a few things i've been especially grateful for lately.

1.  my God.  do you know Him?  He rocks!  i owe Him every thing.  i am so grateful for a Heavenly Father that knows me.  i am grateful for His love & mercy.  i'm grateful for this life He has given me & His plan for my existence.
2.  my family.  i say this every year.  and they are still #2 in my book.  my little men make my entire being sweet.
3.  america the great.  don't get me wrong.  there are other fantastic countries out there, that i would love to visit.  but when it comes to a permanent residence, i'm so grateful to have this as my home.
4.  baking.  i know your wondering why i'm grateful for something that involves physical labor.  but i love baking.  and i love eating baked goods.  so it's a win/win.  if only the Lord would bless me with a husband that enjoys eating sweets.
5.  phineas & ferb.  this just may be my favorite cartoon since dexter's labratory.  it is pure awesomeness.
6.  anthropologie dresses.  i enjoy most everything about anth but i truly have an obsession with their sensibly stylish dresses.
7.  pizza.  i love me some pizza.  lately, i just can't get enough of that dough, cheese, & pepperoni combination.  my favorite pizza spots?  melo's, amici's, & tomatinos.  yum.
8.  dr. pepper.  this is an absolute essential in my life.  i cannot/will not live in a world that doesn't include d.p.
9.  mail.  i adore mail.  nothing brightens my day like getting a little note or a package delivered from my friendly postman.
10.  mario kart.  love playing this game with my little man during the baby's naps.
11.  safeway cartoon shopping carts.  i try to restrict the amount of t.v. my children are exposed to.  but when it comes to grocery shopping with the least amount of fuss i am all for turning on mickey mouse clubhouse to save my sanity & the sanity of all those in the store.
12.  sisters.  ok, this really should be higher on the list.  but i'm not re-numbering all the bullet points.  i adore my sisters.  they are my best friends.  they inspire me, teach me, hold my hand when i'm down, & make me laugh to no end.  they are amazing.  i don't know who i would be without their influence
13.  apple.  i am addicted to their products.  they are the best.  hands down.
14.  costco.  i love a store that i can get all our household essentials, & then some, all while my children gladly sit in the cart waiting for the next free bite size snack.
15.  classic cars.  you may wonder why i am grateful for something that i don't even own.  well, i day.  when i'm all grown up i will have a '69 chevy camaro.  it will be metallic maroon with black racing stripes.  and i will love it.
16.  music.  i love me some good tunes.  we constantly have some form of music seeping out of our speakers.
17.  modern medicane.  seriously.  where would i be without this one?
18.  chocolate.  what list of blessings is complete without mentioning the single greatest invention ever?  i prefer my chocolate in the form of milkshakes, frozen hoho's, hershey bars with almonds, peanut m&m's, & of course, cake & frosting.

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