Sunday, October 9, 2011

quantity vs. quality

i'm a quality kind of person.  i like things, every thing, to possess high quality.  call me stuck-up, i call it smartly selective.  i wasn't always this way.  (hence, why my facebook friend list hit 800 before i wised up & went on a deleting spree.)   i think that with maturity i have developed a desire to surround myself with the best of the best.  this concept goes back to that whole moderation post i wrote a while back.  i just don't have the time or desire to take on every thing so if i am going to put effort into something it better be good.  this applies to objects as well as to people.  when i am out shopping i look for things that will last.  i like timeless pieces that won't fade with the latest trends & that possess high quality.  i call it investing.  i'd rather spend more money on one classic well-made dress from anthropologie than spend the same amount of money on 4 trendy pieces from forever21 that i will just have to replace in 2 months time.  i don't like clutter so if something is going to buy space in my house it needs to be good.  along the same lines, i would also rather have one reliable apple computer that costs a bit more than purchase a gateway that will give me more hassle than it's worth.  i like quality.  i am also so absorbed with the concept of quality that i don't let price tags fool me.  i pride myself on finding grade-a pieces that come at a low cost. but let's move away from the superficial subject of things & talk about people for a moment.  i like quality people.  (i'm strickly talking about the type of person they are on the inside.  i don't care for people who are dramatic or catty or selfish or superficial or mean or people that complain or bully.  i'd never limit my friends due to their outward qualities such as appearance or finances.  in fact, in college guys would allows ask me why i didn't hang out with more "hot" girls & i'd tell them that i didn't like most "hot" girls because they were shallow & stuck up.  these are the kind of people that I avoid.)  i try to surround myself with people that have the same interest & morals as me & that i truly enjoy being around.  i like people that are uplifting & inspire me to be a better person.  i like friendships that go both ways; i'm there for you & you're there for me.  i prefer to keep my contact list short & sweet.  there are only a few people i call regularly & even fewer people that i make time to see.  i'd actually prefer to be alone than be in the company of people i don't much care for.  now don't get me wrong, i am genuinely polite to just about everyone that comes my way; i just devote that extra effort to become friends with a select few people.  this is precisely why i build friendships that last.  i invest my time with quality folks & i stick by them.  it's like they say, you get what you put into it.  if you spend a little extra on the people & things in your life you will win in the end.

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