Saturday, September 17, 2011


i am not a fan of fall.  to me it signifies the oncoming of the cold.  but i do love that with the fall comes soccer!  and what is so special about this soccer season?  only that it's my son's first year on a real soccer team!  we are all so very excited.  his team is called the phantoms (kind of a hard creature to explain to 4 & 5 year olds but that's okay).  coop had his first practice yesterday & had his first game today.  he was a little more timid than i would have liked (but very in character for his personality).  i am hoping that after a few more practices interacting with his team he will be more of the wild daredevil he is around his family.  he got a few good plays in & he was definitely the cutest kid out there.  i will definitely be posting on this subject a lot this fall.  
go coop!

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