Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NFL: the offseason

the offseason.  aka the dreamlife.  the offseason starts at the end of the season (jan-feb depending on postseason activity) and ends at the end of july when the players head to training camp.  during the offseason we do nothing & everything at the same time.

we have relatively few responsibilities.  todd typically trains with the team from the middle of march to the middle of june; he goes in 4 days a week for 4 hours a day.  this is probably our favorite time of the year.  todd enjoys training with his teammates. yet, he is home in the early afternoon & he has 3 day weekends so we still have plenty of time together.

todd has to stay fit so when he isn't at mini-camp or off season workouts or o.t.a.'s we make sure to fit in workouts at home.  these usually involve the whole family having quality exercise fun.  we run sprints at local parks while cooper plays on the playground & t.j. watches from a blanket.  or we pull out our sparq training gear & cooper joins our workouts in the backyard.  or we take both boys for a run around our creek.  or we just lift weights or do p90x in our gym.  or todd throws with one of his qb friends & the boys & i tag along.  no matter what we are staying healthy & having family fun.  it's awesome.

other than that we play. and play. and play.  we love making trips.  at least a few times a week we head to the beach, or the city, or hiking, or the fair, or the lake, or the rodeo.  you name it, we do it.  todd golfs a lot.  we see a lot of family & friends.  no matter what we always have a lot of fun.  we are constantly on the go.  we love it.  

when we aren't playing or working out we are just enjoying each other & enjoying our home.  we love our home.  we are so lucky.  we watch shows, play, read books, play soccer & baseball, go on walks, go to the park, play games, make crafts, & cook a lot.  i love having todd around all the time.  i constantly have his help.  he can take one boy while i help the other.  or i can leave both boys with him to run errands by myself.  

we do begin to miss the structure of the season.  there's something about structure that just works.  as much as we enjoy the offseason we are all glad to see the start of training camp & the begining of the season. overall, life in the offseason is lovely.  

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