Wednesday, August 3, 2011

mappy birthday, cooper.

here is a peek at cooper's birthday party festivities.  his birthday isn't for another 3 weeks but we decided (very last minute) to have his party early so daddy could be there.  we knew the lockout would be ending soon so we started planning a week in advance then on monday morning the lockout ended & we knew todd could leave the next day.  so we threw the party that evening.  needlesstosay, it was a rather hectic day.

cooper loves maps so he asked for a map party.  i searched high & low for map party supplise that didn't involve pirates.  i had no luck.  so i made everything!  cooper loved it.  we have a gorgeous jogging trail by our house so todd led the kids on a map adventure/scavenger hunt.  they loved it.  each child got a map to lead them on their adventure to find cooper's birthday party.  then along the way they discovered whistles, compasses, trail mix, water botttles, binoculars, & bags to store their goodies.  todd led them on an exciting adventure over a little river, under a bridge, through a tunnel, and all over; they even found a snake (don't worry it was pretend).  when they found their way to the party the kids got map party hats & treats.  everyone had a lot of fun...especially, cooper.


(i hate how disorganized these photos look but i am much too busy trying to get ready for ny to put the necessary time into posting perfectly.  i struggled just to find time to put this together.)

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