Friday, July 15, 2011

delightfully droid.

don't you just love phones these days.  they truly are impressive.  my first phone (back in 2000) was cool because it had tetris.  (yea, tetris.  do people even play that game anymore?)  then, i was absolutely amazed when i got a phone with a color screen in 2003, and a camera phone in 2004.  wow, things really have changed in just the past 10 years.  now, i am in love with the selection of apps available.  it's hard to imagine my life prior to these addition of these useful gadgets at 4g speeds.  my personal favorites are:

word feud: i dare say that i'm addicted to this game.  i constantly have at least 2 feuds running with my parents.
 b of a: banking by phone?  yes, please!
gospel library:  now, i can read scriptures while on the go.
google maps:  i tend to get lost a lot.  this gadget keeps me right where i want to be.
pandora:  i love music.  right now i'm rockin' out to some aerosmith, thanks to this awesome app.
runkeeper: i would never track my workouts without this nifty tool.
talking gina:  i love this little gal.  she is fun for the whole fam!  she makes the boys (& me) laugh when we are out & about & i need to buy some time.  & i have fun playing her patty-cake game.  
facebook:  i rarely have time to keep up with fb via computer.  this app allows to me to stay social wherever i am.

p.s. i took this phone via my evo while we were in the city on monday.  i am still in awe of the amazing photo quality phones produce these days.  i really have no need to carry a camera.

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