Wednesday, June 29, 2011

black & white

let me start by saying that cooper has always classified people as either brown or yellow.  he has called me yellow & todd brown since he was 18 months old.  he came up with it on his own.  he used to call my dad "yellow papa" and he still knows todd's dad as "big brown papa", and todd's granddad as "papa grey" (he has grey hair).  society must have finally got to him because he seems to have learned the more commonly used terms (although his color identification is actually more accurate).

today we were enjoying some delish steak when cooper said, "i know all about steaks.  there is white steak & that is the yucky steak & there is black steak & that is the yummy steak.  & mommy is white, well not really white but kind of white & daddy is black but not really black, but you know.  & that's just like the steak!  mommy is the yucky steak & daddy is the yummy steak!"  

clarification:  the white steak is the fat.  apparently, i look like the fat.  & i even have a good tan goin on right now!  todd is like the delish meaty part.  lucky him.

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