Thursday, February 17, 2011


last month (i know i'm a tad bit behind) we made our annual trip to san diego.  we love our southward trips & all the quality time we get with the wonderful watkins/winter clan.  we are so blessed to have such wodeful family.

we started off our trip with meeting our newest niece & the boy's first cousin on the watkins side, the precious ms. ariana pearl.  is it just me or does tj look rather large next to this petite little gal.  
my adventurous boys at it, again
a beautiful january day at the beach

cooper feeding the ducks at lake murray
the view from the top (400 feet in the air that is)
tj and his gorgeous auntie tiffy
tj and his grama ciny

all the monkeys at the wild animal park
our spontaneous pit stop in pismo beach turned out to be the best decision.  we hiked & climbed through all the rocks and bumped into an eel, 2 seals, crabs, & all sorts of sea life.  cooper was only disappointed that he didn't get to fight in giant squid.
someone loved the water

cooper "conducting" his auntie tiffy, grama ciny, & daddy at head-shoulder-knees-and-toes
mommy & tj at lake murray.  tj loved all the crazy ducks.
the safari ride at the park (i don't know who loved it more todd or coop)

grampa grey & all his great-grand boys
cooper had the time of his life with his nana
the team

(sorry the photos are so jumbled.  blogger just wasn't working with me today & i did not have the time to sort it out.)

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