Friday, January 21, 2011

tj's faves {7 weeks}

can you believe that mr. t.j. is already 7 weeks?  neither can i.  i am still amazed that at such a tender age this little man has developed quite a sense of what he likes & dislikes.  here are a few of t.j.'s favorite things as of {1.21.11}.

 1.  sitting in his bouncy chair with a paci & his pal chan pie gnon.

2.  hanging out in his travel swing listening to his sleep sheep.

 3.  playing in his crib.  watching his mobile. and gnawing on his sophie.  
{i am in big trouble.  he is only 7 weeks & already smitten with this little gal.}

 4.  sleeping in mama & dada's bed swaddled up in his cozy aiden & anais blankies.
 {ok, so maybe he prefers when the bed is all torn up & he has his parents cuddled up to him, but i couldn't very well post a picture of that now could i!}

 5.  riding along with mommy around the house in his bjorn.

 6.  tub time with his big brother.

 7.  taking in the great outdoors.

8.  stroller rides with his family around his neighborhood.

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