Tuesday, January 25, 2011

new neighbor

we have a new neighbor.  this neighbor technically lives in our backyard.  alright, so he isn't exactly a neighbor.  it is cooper.  he does love to pretend like we are neighbors.  he goes in the backyard to play in his house.  todd, t.j., & i stop by for playdates, to pick up some groceries, get something fixed, or to eat one of cooper's oh-so-tasty meals.  he invites us over & i usually have to bring some form of a snack when i stop by.

well, we bought him this cute little house for Christmas.  he loves it.  it is technically a gas station, school house, grocery store, house, tool bench, sports spot, & school.  it has all these fun 3-d items on the walls.  but these fun 3-d items were all the same color as the house.  we decided to take it up a notch.  last week, cooper, todd, & i painted it all.  we had so much fun!  as i'm sure you can tell we are not the best artists but that doesn't much matter.  cooper loves his new house.  when his friends come over that is the first thing he wants to play with.  

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