Wednesday, January 12, 2011


doesn't this make your heart hurt?

when t.j. was just 1 day shy of turning 3 weeks old i took him to the doctor because he was frequently vommiting & i was worried that he was getting dehydrated.  after checking t.j. out the doctor told me that i needed to take him to the hospital immediately.  i was terrified.  can you imagine driving your newborn to the hospital?  it is awful.  i pray that you never have to do it.
after sitting in the e.r. for nearly 4 hours the doctors decided that he had bronchialitis.  he needed to be admitted.  again, i was terrified.  my 1st question was, "well, what do i do".  i was releaved to find out that i was allowed to stay with him through it all.  
t.j. endured an iv, breathing tubes, all sorts of monitors, breathing treatments for the next 6 days.  it was beyond heartbreaking.  he took it like a pro (it helps that he slept through 95% of the 6 day experience).  
i stayed with him the majority of the time & through the nights.  todd, grama, & papa took turns releaving me so they could spend some time with t.j. & i could see cooper.  we spent christmas eve &  christmas day in the hospital.  fortunately, papa stayed with t.j. so that todd, cooper, & i could enjoy a bit of the holiday & open presents at home.  
t.j. recovered relatively quickly.  after the first night he was eating better & throwing up less.  after 2 days he was off of the iv.  after 5 days they were able to take him off of oxygen.  on the 6th day he was able to go home sweet home.
over 2 weeks later he is still retracting when he breathes, which is a concern.  but for the most part he is the healthiest he has been since he was born (only 6 weeks ago).  we are so grateful for this beautiful boy & all that he brings to our family & we are especially grateful for his recovery.  

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