Monday, December 6, 2010

meet tj


(todd edward watkins jr.) 

he arrived on 12.2.10 at 10:04 am
weighing 8 lbs 8 oz & measuring 21 inches long

birth story:  i started feeling very light inconsistent labor pains at 4:30 am.  at 6:00 i decided to call my doctor.  he suggested that i come in.  i wasn't convinced.  i thought it was some sort of false labor that would ease off in the next little bit (my due date was still 10 days away!) but i decided to play it safe & go in anyways. 
 it was 8:00 by the time i woke up todd, we packed our bags, and drove to the hospital & my contractions had increased in both strength & consistency.  they checked me & i was a 5.  they decided to break my water.  i got an epidural, thank goodness!  40 minutes later i was dialated to a 9 & it was time to push.  
my epidural hadn't fully settled in so they decided to up it, bad idea.  i couldn't feel anything!  pushing was so hard because i couldn't tell what i was doing.  i felt like taking a nap.  after 20 minutes of trying to push the doctor decided that the baby was stuck & he would need to use the vacuum.  3 pushes later i met my precious boy.  

a little about t.j.: we had narrowed down our name selection to either t.j., milo, or drake.  after taking one look at his gorgeous face we had no doubt that he should be named after his daddy (which now makes todd todd edward watkins sr.  wierd, right?)
t.j. has been a perfect little eater since he was born.  an hour after his birth he was already eating like a pro.  he is such a little hoover.  he wants to eat every 2-3 hours.  right after he was born the doctor tried to take his heart beat & t.j. was already trying to suck on the stethoscope.
he sleeps better than i could even imagine.  in fact, last night he only woke up once in 9.5 hours!  he is so easy going.  he loves to hum.  since he was a few minutes old he has been a little hummer.  it is the most precious sound.
our family: cooper could not possibly love t.j. more.  he wants to snuggle him all day, every day.  the first thing he does every morning is look for his baby brother.  he has decided to call t.j. "baby baby".  i love it.  he is so helpful & loves taking care of t.j.  
todd loves having a namesake.  he absolutely adores having a new little snuggle bug.  t.j. is a little bundle of perfection.  he is everything i could ever dream of.  i feel so beyond blessed to have to absolutely wonderful children.  i have actually felt overwhelmed with gratitude a more than a few times in the past few days.


  1. YEA!! I am so happy for you and your little family! You Beautiful and little t.j is absolutely adorable!!

  2. Congrats Sara & Family...he's gorgeous!

  3. You guys are so lucky! TJ is the absolute sweetest, most adorable baby in the universe! My arms are so lonely right now. I need to come back over and steal some snuggle time with that little guy!

  4. I love that little guy, and his big brother's pretty darn cute, too.