Thursday, November 25, 2010


let me start by saying,
happy thanksgiving.

we hope you all enjoy a happy holiday full of scrumptious food & friendly faces.
we will be spending the day with some wonderful friends.

cooper made these turkeys to show what he is thankful for.  he made the one on the top with mommy, the one on the bottom at church, and the one on the right at school.

some of the things we are most grateful for this year:

cooper:  transformers, army guys, turkey, cookies, mommy, daddy, baby brother, jesus, trains, school friends, bike rides, the zoo, soccer cleats, soccer shinguards, slipper jammies

mommy:  cooper, todd, baby brother, family, friends, music, heart burn medicine, nike air soles, sweat pants, p.f. changs chocolate cake, todd's yummy homemade breakfasts

daddy:  cooper, sara, baby brother, the stock market, the internet, bike rides, mac computers, 4g phones, orange juice, christmas lights

we have been so blessed.  honestly, our lists of blessings are rather extremely long but i decided to give you the abbreviated list.  we love our Lord & all that he does for us.

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