Friday, October 8, 2010

you can keep fall, i want spring

everyone keeps talking about how excited they are for autumn.  me, personally, i'm not a fall kind-of-gal.  to me fall signifies the beginning of the cold, rain, & lessening of daylight.  i would much rather have spring.  in the fall everything is dying & turning brown, how ugly is that?  in spring life is beginning new; flowers are blossoming, the hillsides turn green, the sun is shining & the sun is shining bright.  isn't that more appealing?  so, in the fall i go through the motions & enjoy it as best as i can; the halloween decor is up, soon the turkey will be roasting. meanwhile, i am counting down the days until we are graced by spring's presence.  

and let's be honest, easter candy is by far the best.

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