Tuesday, October 19, 2010


last saturday i was getting ready for my friend's engagement party when todd asked, "what are we doing tomorrow?"  thinking he wanted to go to marine world or the zoo i said, "just going to church.  what do you want to do?"  his response, "let's go to utah." music to my ears!  i cannot tell you how long i've been waiting to here him speak those words.  
oh, how i have missed that place (minus the snow).  cooper loved hanging out with kam, ry, maddy the doggy, scott, & his favorite dragon, lys.  i think if he could have it his way we would just move in with the becks forever.  we had a wonderful time climbing the y, touring byu, visiting the dino museum, attending our first real soccer game, & spending time with our fabulous family.  the time went by much too fast & i'm already looking forward to the next opportunity we have to visit the beehive state.

1.  cooper calls utah "wootah" 
2.  after a very long drive we were finally at the point of the mountain & i pointed out the lights of eagle mountain to cooper.  he then says, "oh no!  i left something at home!  we better go back & get it."  that's my little jokester alright.  
3.  coop has his auntie lys wrapped around his little finger.  i swear, he said jump & she did.  i can't tell you how many hours she spend chasing him around the house pretending to be a dragon just so he could kill her with the "bloody sword".  she is such an awesome auntie.
4.  anytime someone would pick on cooper or if he thought that crocodiles were coming he would say, "i'm going to go to kam's house & get the bloody sword & fight."
5.  i'm still in shock that we all hiked the y.  32 weeks preg & i still made it safely up & down.
6.  on the way home cooper & was so sad to leave.  i explained to him that we had to go home & check on the house & check on our plants.  he said, "yea, & i have to go check on my transformers & make sure their heads & their arms still move."  as you can see, he has a lot of important duties.

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  1. So jealous of your Wootah trip! I can't wait to go there too.