Sunday, September 19, 2010

the nursery

it is done.  and only 3 months early.
i cannot wait until i can rock our little bundle of joy in that chair & lay him down in that bed.  i hope he loves his new room (his big brother sure does).  

so many people worked hard to help make this room as adorable as it is:
i made the wall art, burp cloths, pillow, little container, & mobile.  i also painted the crib, airplane, gray photo frame & diaper caddy.  my parents helped out by painting the walls (and my mom also helped my sew the burp cloths & pillow).  cooper helped paint the walls & put together the dresser.  todd helped put together the dresser.  todd's mom is also making a rocking chair cover & cozy blanket to match.  i cannot believe all the love & work that so many people have already put into preparing a special space for this special little guy.

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